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Aslam o Alaikum Muslims

Asslam o Alaikum Muslims!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Big Cyber war Between India And Pakistan on Hot Stage

The cyber war between India and Pakistan was started 13 years ago but now this war is on hot stage.Here i mention some websites tht are hacked in April
Pradesh Today Hacked (Indian news website) Hacked By ZHC & TeaMp0isoN Hacked sites
The Hindi Times Hacked by Trick&Rock ZHC&teaMpOisoN
Mumbai IT PRO User group Hacked by Trick
SUNDAY, APRIL 10, 2011
70 Indian Websites Hacked By Shadow008 (PakCyberArmy)

On April 24 The Hacker news reports The Indian Railway Email System is Hacked by Pakistan Cyber Army (pca), They have taken complete backup of all important mails and user-pass of all email id's.

And they also publish the statement of Pakistan Cyber Army i quote some lines here "We hacked Indian railway's email system and download all of the confidential emails as well as email addresses and their passwords. Next time we will attack your more sensitive areas where it will hurt you more. We did not delete anything on the mail system although we thought about it for a while but we are not out to destroy. Never under estimate capabilities of Pakistan and the sons of the land. Your Central bureau of investigation still looking for our clues keep on Looking CBI and use all of your investigation Agencies, keep on searching us in USA, Latvia, China, India and all of the countries listed on the MAP. We are for peace as long as no offensive attacks from your side. We are Nationalist and we are on our mission and that is the retaliation. We can’t stop Indian hackers to hack servers on our side but we can give you the best of answers possible. Your National Informatics Centre team is useless you guys can’t stop us"
On april 26 the hacker news reports " database and user details hacked by angel 4k4 4d0r4b13"
After two days another Pakistani website Election commission & Society of aircraft engineers of pakistan Hacked By Imm0rt4l5

And the latest news is imm0rt4l5 Hackers Hit 3 Pakistani websites These websites are hacked on April 30. The hacked websites are

2.1. Muslim Constructors (Pvt.) Ltd., popularly known as MCL
Url: the Internet service provider.
These figures tell us that Pakistani Hackers are leading by hacking round about 100 indian sites. And indians hack only some Pakistani sites
In 13 years of this cyber war India could not defeat Pakistan I have a strong hope that Indian Hackers cannot defeat Pakistani hackers.
Are you agree with me?

Note:All the news in this blog taken from you can visit there for proof



Don't be childish. Use your hacking skills to do something useful. I do not say this out of anger/hatred towards Pakistan. I love my Pakistani brothers.

Let us , the computer programmers from India and Pakistan set up a forum for technological cooperation.

H A NAZIR GILL said...

First of all thanks for commenting on my blog and secondly your thoughts about Indian and Pakistani programmers forum is very beautiful but it is looking impossible because peoples from both countries wants unity a good example is "Aman ki Aasha " project by jang group and times of india but both of governments are not doing well.There is nothing in war every thing is in love and unity.


Thank you Nazir :)

The govermnents have always created problems.. thanks to the egoistic leaders sitting out there !

Right, "Aman ki Asha" is a awesome initiative, I love it !

Since, there are a good number of Indo-Pak hackers who are willing to fight non-violently with their hacking skills :-) why not play games instead of harming government websites as that could lead to national security problems for both countries .

By playing games , i mean one can have contests where one team would try to screw up the website tailor made for the contest by the opponent !

Howzzat ? :-)

H A NAZIR GILL said...

Your idea is good but who will act upon this?The hackers hack the websites for fun and entertainment and hacking is like an addiction.If hackers follow your idea then its really good


Hackers won't follow the idea till the platform is ready ! :-) lets see if something can be done..

True experienced hackers actually don't hack to cause damage especially where the common people's personal info is concerned... As we are all victims of incompetent governance !

H A NAZIR GILL said...

Some good hackers from both countries shold come forward to tackle this problem.There is nothing to be done if hacker themselves does not come forward to expand the friendship and good relations among themselves

Anonymous said...

of course the war should end but Pakistanis --- no 1 cheaters government.... isi helps osma the militry protects him, osma was apparently found in the heart of oak---i.e setting on ur head "pak " need to resolve theier problems before they fight india

lesson learnt for the world from the hole incident is

never believe Pakistan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pak --- = dum !@!#@!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

H A NAZIR GILL said...

@Anonymous You are not talking with justice.The Osama,s topic requires a very long discussion so i cannot discuss all these matter here
And why you not mention your name?

The Mindset said...

Pakistanis are UNTRUSTWORTHY
Look they were hiding Osama bin Laden
and taking American Money - Moochers they are !!!!
Double Crossers ...
What can you expect from those a$$-lifter-muzzies...

H A NAZIR GILL said...

Pakistanis are not UNTRUSTWORTHY But ofcourse Pakistani rulers and government is untrustworthy.Dear you cannot blame any body without a solid proof.Are you have any proof that americans relly kill Osama?And what is the fault of innocent Pakistani Peoples?Let You tell me

H A NAZIR GILL said...

@The Mindset I think you are a complete victim of Islamofobia like others.

true god !!!!!!! said...


while i was browsing i saw ur blog . i see ur a staunch Muslim . i dont want to heart any body's sentimental feelings or religious believes i have done lot of research in various religions and according to me the bible only speaks the truth and it is proved scientifically .........

it doest mean that Americans are good and Pakistanis are bad any body who believes the bible are true Christians

i dont want to involve myself in a fight with u

i think u must have only read the quran from ur child hood i dont blame u for that as ur parents are Muslims and u believe it, u must read various religious books and look for proofs before u come to a conclusion

and if ur interested i can come into discussion via gtalk or skype or msn

and good luck to u friend !!!!!!!!!!!!

H A NAZIR GILL said...

It is included in the religion of every Muslim that he should believe in 4 holy books.The Bible is also included in these.If you see now adays figures you will know that Islam is fastest growing religion in the world and acording to some researches Islam will take over world in next 50 years.
There are alot of christians as well as jewish who are admiring the Islam after reading Holy Quran And Sunnah.So i also give you the invitation to read our Holly Quran
Thanks because you cannot use dirty language like other commenters and at the end i want to tell you that first i am a Stuanch Muslim then the second religion i like most after Islam is Christianity

The Mindset said...

Islam is the fastest growing religion - not because people are converting but because of Higher birth rates among Muslims.
If you look at the index of birth rates in African countries the average no. of children per Muslim women is 6-7 while that of Christians is 1-3.
So now judge yourself which is better.
And as for the goodness of Islam I can see the goodness in Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan Bangladesh Nigeria Tunisia Egypt Syria Libya....etc etc etc
If Islam is good why all those countries are failed states.
Also if there wil be no non-Muslims whom will you loot, because that's the only thing you know to do just like your best buddy Mo. used to do.
Islam will never become the No.1 religion - the way Muslims are behaving in europe and Americas those Christians are going to throw you animals out of their countries within the next 20 years . They have understood that Islam is nothing but a death cult.

I hope you publish my comment because if you don't I have saved it and I will copy-paste it again-&-again

H A NAZIR GILL said...

There are many factors which leads towards the growth of Islam and Birth Rate is one of them. I can give you hunderds of examples of such peoples who converted to Islam from other religion some of most famous are
1.Sir Archibald Hamilton, 5th Baronet - a distinguished British convert to Islam
2.Bernard Hopkins - American boxer
3.Cat Stevens - famous English musician, officially changed his name to Yusuf Islam
4.A.R. Rahman (stands for Allah Rakha Rahman) - Modern South Indian singer ,songwriter & Oscar winner officially converted to Islam from Hinduism.
5.Divya Bharti - Late Indian actress of the early 1990s who converted on secretly marrying Bollywood producer Sajid Nadiadwala & changed her name to Sana Nadiadwala, although she was cremated in a Hindu ceremony
and so on
and you ask that if Islam is good then why the countries are failed states The answer is all of Islamic countries are not following Sharia.The are following the Democracy of west but Islam depends upon Khalifas.I suggest you to read Islamic histry about 1000 years ago to know that when peoples and rulars follows the Sharia and Islamic Laws the rule the whole world.And the main weakness in today,s muslim is that he is not true muslim
And if muslims will awake then you cannot stop us from taking over and Super Power of the World
Lastly Hinduism is the dirtist religion in the World
Are you know how many God you have?
and also tell me the name of any person who converted to Hinduism?
You Hindus are the dirtist peoples on the Earth thats why There is only one country who contains these dirty peoples called Hindustan but Muslims are in each country of the world.

Mansab Cheema a.k.a HaX.R00T said...

Blah Blah Blah Blah ... All talking shit!! No 1 knows The Reallity .... @ H A NAZIR GILL>> Always be update... U forget to tell what happen after this...
Pakistani hackerz hacked many more sites..
more then 70,000 indian blogs fucked by ZHC
Many indian sites hacked by shadow008 (last night shadow and Khantastic also attack round about 50 indian sites including 10 sites)
moreover "THA" hacked round about 200 indian websites...
latter on Z00z00(indian slut) hacked asam ul haq's website (against aman ki aasha) :D
as a result me(HaX.R00T), THA DisasteR andDjars HaXoR Hacked 140 indian sites in a Singl go... Mirror submited on arab zone...
latter on Disaster restored Asam ul Haks Site...
and at the same time I got information that z00 z00 and IRF ninja of Indishell (indian cyber army)are runnig a hacking forum ""
and I hack there pussy ass and forum,...(buri buri hoti hai hmesha?)
after this I go to facebook and I hacked indian cyber army Fan page :D
now where are indian hackerz?
1 thing more U know why PCA hacked ur Email system? becouse 1 of ur slut named as IRFN!nja hacked and it was pay back
never try to mess with us /////
Ali a.k.a HaX.R00T @ Pak Cybr Army (global moderator)
HaX.R00T @ THA (Founder + owner)
HaX.R00T @ leecherz security (owner)
wait a mint i have a gift for you guys .... indian music company RAN music also fucked by me ri8 now any ways take ur time

H A NAZIR GILL said...

Dear i am also a Pakistani and Love Pakistani hackers

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