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Aslam o Alaikum Muslims

Asslam o Alaikum Muslims!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Become The Artist Within

I think every child is born a natural artist. I am sure that as a
kid you loved to paint. I bet you used to like writing stories or
at least creating imaginary worlds that you'd often escape into.
Yes? You're not alone.

There is great happiness to be found in art and creativity.

But sadly, as we grow older, many of us lose or forget about our
artistic tendencies and (often quite natural) talents. When you
think about it, it's fairly easy to do. Once we leave school the
focus becomes 'get a job' and 'make a living'. Everyone knows that
there's no money in art (not always true but generally speaking, if
we all became artists then there would be no one left to buy our
art. The other problem we have and it's the reason that Van Gogh
died penniless, most art increases in value once the artist has
left this mortal coil, so that's not much good if you need to make
money TODAY).

True Story: I wrote poetry at school. It came easy to me. As the
class rebel it ruined my street cred but I enjoyed it. I then left
school and never wrote another line for around 20 years. The fact
that since then I've written over 250,000 of them is neither here
or there. Just think of the lost lines that I never wrote! They
will NEVER be written. Those 20 years are done and dusted. The hot,
raw and excitable feelings I had at the time and could have used as
inspiration have all but dulled into a forgotten crust. The ardour
of the moment has cooled. They cannot be recreated. They are gone.

It's the same with all the paintings I never painted, the gardens I
never planted, the songs I never sung. It's quite a big list. But
as you know, if you've been paying attention to The 77 Secrets,
there is no room in life for regrets, only action moving forward.

So, I am now speaking to you. No, not you. I am speaking to the
artist within you. Yes, you. I know you're there. Get out that pen,
get out that brush, get out that guitar or whatever else it is that
you do.

Then do it. Play, paint, sing, draw or write like there is no
tomorrow. For one day, there won't be.

I'll have more for you tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed this secret,
please let me know. Just hit 'Reply' and it should find me.

All the very best


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Electricity Game By Pakistani Leaders

Read, Think understand the game International Powers are playing with us with the help of our government!

Electricity produced in Pakistan is from three main sources.

1). Hydral
2). Thermal (Gas/Steam/Furnace Oil)
3). Nuclear

There are four major power producers in country which include Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA), Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC ), Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission ( PAEC).

Below is the break-up of the installed capacity of each of these power producers (as of June-2008).


a. WAPDA Hydal
Terbela 3478 MW
Mangla 1000 MW
Ghazi-Brotha 1450 MW
Warsak 243 MW
Chashma 184 MW
Dargai 20 MW
Rasul 22 MW
Shadi-Waal 18 MW
NandiPur 14 MW
Kurram Garhi 4 MW
Renala 1 MW
Chitral 1 MW
Jagran (AK) 30 MW
Total Hydal ==> 6461 MW

b. WAPDA Thermal
Gas Turbine Power Station, Shadra 59 MW
Steam Power Station, Faisalabad 132 MW
Gas Turbine Power Station, Faisalabad 244 MW
Gas Power Station, Multan 195 MW
Thermal Power Station, Muzaffargarh 1350 MW
Thermal Power Station, Guddu 1655 MW
Gas Turbine Power Station, Kotri 174 MW
Thermal Power Station, Jamshoro 850 MW
Thermal Power Station, Larkana 150 MW
Thermal Power Station, Quetta 35 MW
Gas Turbine Power Station, Panjgur 39 MW
Thermal Power Station, Pasni 17 MW
Total Thermal ==> 4811 MW

WAPDA's Total Hydal + Thermal capacity is ==> 11272 MW.

2. Karachi Electric Supply Company
Thermal Power Station, Korengi 316 MW
Gas Turbine Power Station, Korengi 80 MW
Gas Turbine Power Station, SITE 100 MW
Thermal Power Station, Bin Qasim 1260 MW
Total (KESC) ==> 1756 MW

3. Independent Power Producers (IPPs)
Hub Power Project 1292 MW
AES Lalpir Ltd, Mahmood Kot MuzaffarGarh 362 MW
AES Pak Gen, Mahmood Kot MuzaffarGarh 365 MW
Altern Energy Ltd, Attock 29 MW
Fauji KabirWala Power Company, Khanewal 157 MW
Gul Ahmad Energy Ltd, Korengi 136 MW
Habibullah Coastal Power Ltd 140 MW
Japan Power Generation, Lahore 120 MW
Koh-e-Noor Energy Ltd, Lahore 131 MW
Liberty Power Limited, Ghotki 232 MW
Rousch Power, Khaniwal 412 MW
Saba Power Company, Sheikhpura 114 MW
Southern Electric Power Company Ltd, Raiwind 135 MW
Tapal Energy Limited, Karachi 126 MW
Uch Power Ltd, Dera Murad Jamali, Nasirabad 586 MW
Attock Gen Ltd, Morgah Rawalpindi 165 MW
Atlas Power, Sheikhpura 225 MW
Engro Energy Ltd, Karachi ----- MW
Kot Addu Power Company Limited (Privitized) 1638 MW
Total (IPPs) ===> 6365 MW

4. Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission
Total (Nuclear) ===> 462 MW

Hydal Electricity generated by WAPDA varies between two extremities i.e. between minimum of 2414 MW and maximum of 6761 MW depending upon the river flow through the whole year.

Total Power Generation Capacity of Pakistan (including all sources) is19855 MW and the electricity demand (as of today 20-04-2010) is 14500 MW and PEPCO is merely generating 10000 MW.

So it is obvious that these 15-20 hrs power shutdowns in most parts of the country are not because of the lack of generation capacity but only because of IMF / World Bank policies imposed on our nation by Govt. The Power Generation companies are not buying Furnace Oil from PSO by saying they don’t have money to do that but we are all paying for Electricity that is generated from Furnace Oil. This is the reason that top refineries like PRL are operating at 40% capacities. IMF / World bank has imposed to reduce budget deficit by importing less crude oil. But due to this fact all our industries are under severe crisis. None of our political party who are in Assembly is ready to speak on it because every one is blessed by US / IMF / World Bank.

Dear Pakistani’s,

This is a time to show your social activism your power and strength. It is your silence which is deafening and your couldn’t care less attitude which makes the people in power more powerful evasive and secure in their Air conditioned offices.


Please don't stop this e-mail and forward it to as many people as possible.



Electricity now is @11 Rs. per unit, and it will increase after every two months as directed by (American) IMF policies.

Also CHINA offers to Pakistan Electricity for justRs.200 Monthly Bill and Unlimited Usage of Electricity but our government is not taking the offer seriously. This is because there will be neither kick backs nor any commissions to be pocketed by the strong mafia of politicians and bureaucrats.

These people are there because of your votes. Let them serve you rather than rule you……



source:Pak Friends google group

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grand Protest and Rally Against Devolution of (H.E.C)

Friday, April 15 · 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Mall Road in front of Punjab Assembly
Created By
Insaf Tiger

These are some of the direct effects that dissolution of HEC will have on the higher education in Pakistan:

Thousands of students that have earned higher education degrees, such as MSc. and PhD., through HEC funding and who are back in Pakistan, will no longer be required to stay in Pakistan, because the HEC bonds will be void.

Thousands others, who are currently studying abroad under HEC umbrella, will no longer be required to return back to Pakistan, because the HEC bonds will be void. I have heard that some of these students are already celebrating their freedom from the bond.