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Aslam o Alaikum Muslims

Asslam o Alaikum Muslims!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Alexander wanted You Not To Lie – So did Muhammad (SAW)

Writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn is (though he died in 1989) a Russian writer. He wrote against the oppressive regime hence spent a lot of time in jail & under oppression. He was awarded Noble prize in 1970. Alexander did not attend the ceremony personally in Sweden, only because he knew if he goes out of his country he will be denied re-entry. So he sent in his written speech. In that Alexander said a famous sentence. He said:
“I expect from an ordinary person that he will not lie, nor will he take part in or support anything that is based on lies”.
We always talk about the corruption in our system & society but do we ever look at “ourselves”? The biggest problem is that WE ourselves cheat & lie. We want our society to become good but we do not want ourselves to change. How hypocritical?
As the saying goes:
If two people in the world are corrected, the whole world will be corrected, and that is You & I.
If we want our nation (i.e. Muslims, but also applies on others) and our society to become good, we must change ourselves first. We must stop lying and we must not support corrupt activities based on it.
Muhammad SAW was asked whether a Muslim can be a coward? He answered, Yes. He was asked if a momin can be miser, he said yes. He was asked again: can a momin be a liar? Muhammad SAW replied “NO”. (Malik)
(With Apologies to those who are truthful)….

Very truly yours

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